Beachside Counseling and Psychiatry Opens in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills

Beachside Therapy and Assessment Center is opening counseling and psychiatry offices Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara where there is a shortage of  “in-network” providers, especially psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Like our flagship center in Ventura, we will be offering psychiatric evaluations, medication management, testing and therapy.

 “Finding mental health services is often an exhausting and complicated process especially when trying to find both a psychiatrist and a therapist,” said Dr. O’Reilly, the Executive Director of the center.

Beachside Therapy & Assessment came up with a solution to that problem by creating a center where a client can come for counseling but at the same time the clinician can assess, in collaboration with the client, whether a psychiatric consultation, or psychological testing might also be warranted. If it is, the clinician can make an appointment for the client right then and there with one of Beachside’s psychiatrists or with the Assessment and Testing psychologists.

 “The beauty of this treatment model is that the client is being taken care of immediately rather than being sent out to find their own psychiatrist or psychologist. And since we are all part of a treatment team, we are able to monitor the client’s progress in all areas of their emotional health and well-being.”