The goal of therapy with teenagers and adolescents ranging from 12-17 is to help both you and your child to understand why he or she is acting out with rebellious, willful behavior.

We teach teens how to express their needs and wants in a more effective and productive way. And we help parents to have a closer, more trusting relationship with their child.

Indications Your Teen May Be In Trouble

  • Your teen becomes more secretive, and it seems like more than a desire for greater privacy.
  • Your adolescent has extreme mood swings, from elation to depression or frustration and seems to sleep a lot more than usual at times.
  • Your teenager’s grades have suddenly dropped and your child has lost interest in usual activities.
  • Your child has suddenly changed his or her peer group and doesn’t seem to want you to meet these new friends.
  • Your teenager has stolen money from your wallet on regular occasions.
  • Your teen’s new friends have led to a distinct change in appearance (clothing, jewelry) and a change in attitude (more sullen, defiant, hostile).
  • Your adolescent has regular, sudden outbursts of anger that are out of proportion to whatever has caused the anger.
  • Your teenager regularly misses curfew, does not show up when expected, and lies about his or her whereabouts.
  • Your teen wears long shirts and pants even in hot weather. (may be cutting or burning).
  • Your teen seems “out of it” and you discover pills are missing from the medicine cabinet.