When we enter any new relationship we all carry emotional baggage from our past—and chances are that’s going to sabotage its success.

Too often, we project onto our new lover characteristics that aren’t theirs.These projections can be positive, and draw out the best in a new partner.

But they can also be negative, and you end up fighting with your ex-lover, father, mother—all of whose personality traits have been projected into your new love!

We work with couples to help them see the reality of these misconceptions, as quickly as possible, rather than waiting for a crisis.

The goal is to recognize yourself and the person you’re “dating” for who each of you really is.


One of the biggest obstacles to a successful relationship is “assumptions.”

So many couples start “reading each other’s mind” and this leads to misunderstandings and a breakdown in communication.

Our goal is to help couples learn to relate to each other in a clear, loving manner so that each can get his or her needs met.

Issues such as lack of intimacy often go hand-in-hand with a breakdown in communication, so we also teach couples tools to re-establish a romantic relationship.


*Regrettably, group sessions are not available at this time.

Learning daily living and communication skills, is a very effective treatment method. The idea is to develop communication skills that allow you to get your needs met, without having to resort to aggressiveness, passive aggressiveness, manipulation or temper tantrums.

Our Daily Skills Training program is a hands on group session where you will learn the following:

  • Gaining Better Control and a deeper understanding of ourselves.
  • Stress Management: Three Skills for Managing Stress
  • Strategies to Handle High-Risk situations
  • Recognize Patterns of Behavior
  • Learn to think of Consequences
  • Managing Negative Emotions
  • Seven Steps to Anger Control
  • Understanding and dealing with Feelings
  • Positive Communication Skills
  • Our focus is on education and emotional therapy with an emphasis on developing real tools to help you navigate through personal and professional relationships in a more constructive manner.

Minimum commitment: 10 weeks
$25 per week (may be covered by insurance)
$35 Course Workbook

Contact: Lisa Tomei, Course instructor at (805) 642-4611