For information regarding insurances accepted and current self-pay rates, you may visit our Fees and Insurance page.

Please note that a saved payment method on file is required for all clients of Beachside Therapy regardless of insurance coverage.

Waitlist Guidelines

While we strive to get you an appointment within 2 weeks, there are instances when this is not possible due to limited hours of availability or the need for a therapy specialist. If you have not heard from us again after initially submitting your forms, we recommend calling our office at the beginning of each calendar month to update your continuing interest. Doing so moves your priority up into the active month’s list.

Please select a therapy below for the appropriate forms. Additional forms may be requested at the time of placement with a therapist.

Keeping in contact with us will prioritize your placement. Please keep us informed of your continued interest at the beginning of each month including any additional availability for appointments.