All appointments are being conducted via Telehealth at this time


During the first session the clinician will do both a formal and informal intake with you so that we might immediately deal with the issue that brought you into our offices in the first place. There are certain things that must be discussed during the first session to comply with sound medical practices including the Limits of Confidentiality, the length of the session, the fee and how therapy works. It is also a great time to get ask the therapist any questions you may have.

We believe it is important to assess a client’s symptoms using an assessment tool that will empirically measure symptoms rather than hastily jumping to a diagnosis that may brand the client. As such, if you present with symptoms of depression, anxiety PTSD or trauma we can, if you wish, perform a free-of-charge assessment for these disorders. We use assessment tools such as Beck’s Depression Inventory, Beck’s Anxiety Inventory and the CAPS, which is the “gold standard” in assessing PTSD, as part of the intake procedure.



At Beachside, we understand that things come up from time to time that can complicate plans. When this happens, your therapist is willing to help by rescheduling your session by providing a time when you can do a make-up session in addition to your ongoing appointment.

After the first session, your ongoing appointment will be reserved for you by your therapist. It will be part of the treatment plan which you agree to with them. After entering treatment, you will be committing to attend therapy once a week, on the same day and time, unless an alternate recurrence is created for you by your therapist. Insurance companies do not reimburse therapists for missed sessions, so your absence is a financial hardship and a disruption in your treatment.

If rescheduling is not possible, you are responsible for the full session cost* and not just the co-pay. Make-up sessions can be done via Zoom or other HIPPA approved software. But please be aware that this is extra work for your clinician, and it must be the exception rather than the rule. Your cooperation is needed to make these changes work.

After two months of attending sessions regularly, we will waive up to two missed session fees per calendar year when given at least 48-hour notice. Other sessions must be rescheduled or paid for by you*. Again, if you can reschedule, in person, via Zoom or via phone session, you will not be charged for a missed session if your insurance company allows Telehealth/ Telephonic sessions.

Beachside Therapy has a waiting list of people in our community who really need our help and who would be willing to attend regular sessions. If you are not able to make this commitment, we can provide you with a referral.

*For clients with a Medi-Cal sponsored plan, there are no cancellation fees. Please be aware that in this case missed sessions without rescheduling will be considered evidence that the client intends to terminate treatment.